Our sauces


All of our sauces are made in house (and truck...) Our inspiration for this truck began with our sauces. It became apparent after touring the united states that different regions create different BBQ. This was most notable in the sauces. Our sauces reflect that of the different regions of BBQ. We don't use any preservatives or gimmicks. Just authentic BBQ sauces reflecting the tradition of the different regions


​What can be considered a more "traditional" style of BBQ sauce. Molasses and ketchup based this sauce works will almost anything.
Spice level: Medium


​True to its name this sauce reflects the "Tex Mex" influences of Texas. Spiced with Chipotle peppers this sauce is sure to give any meat or side the kick you're looking for.
Spice Level: Hot

South Carolina

​Also known as "Carolina Gold" BBQ sauce. This sauce is mustard and vinegar based. Highly recommended with our pulled pork and smoked chicken. 

Spice Level: Low 

Eastern Carolina

Originating in the "Pee Dee" region (North Eastern South Carolina) this BBQ Sauce is as untraditional as it gets to us Albertans. A pure vinegar base with marinating chili's, garlic and herbs, this sauce goes especially well with an absorbent fatty meat like pulled pork. A few drops on our collard greens or warm potato salad goes a long way as well.
Spice Level: Very Low 

Fresno Hot Sauce

​That's right! We make our own hot sauce as well. Using only the freshest Fresno Peppers this is sure to give your BBQ the extra kick you are looking for. Production of this hot sauce can sometimes be limited due to availability of Fresno Peppers. So be sure to grab a bottle if you can find one. You don't know how long it will last!
Spice Level: Hot  

Where To Purchase

Our sauces are available for sale from our food truck or our kitchen. You can also find our sauces shelved at:

  • Bite: Located in the community of Inglewood. 
  • Piece on Peace: Located in the community of Spruce Cliff

All of our sauces are gluten free